Peter Aitchison

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Peter Aitchison.

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Unsung Heroes

Revealing the Remarkable in Seemingly Ordinary People

Peter Aitchison

Kimberley Aitchison in her own words:

This is my dad, Peter Aitchison. He is my, as well as others' unsung hero.

He is a proud father of four and poppy of 3 (soon to be 4 in July 2020). He is also a dedicated Volunteer Ambulance Officer, is the Pastor of the Baptist Church, runs a youth group for the teens of Narrogin, drives a school bus, plays and umpires hockey and is generally a friend to all. Dad is the first one to put his hand up and pitch in down at the hockey stadium when things need fixing. He coached juniors hockey for many years and was part of the Quarter Midgets Speedway when my sister raced a few years ago.

Dad's passion for the town of Narrogin shows in everything he does, but as he normally chooses to work quietly in the background, this is not recognised as much as it should be. We moved to Narrogin in 2006 and dad joined back with the ambos straight away (he was previously an officer in South Australia) and attained his 12 year Service Medal in 2017.

For my entire life (and I’m certain long before me) my dad has been someone people turn to for a helping hand and he has gladly assisted wherever he can. He truly is, in so many ways, my hero and I’m positive he is a hero to our community as well.

Thank you for showing that people like my dad don't go unnoticed and how much they are really appreciated.

Unsung Heroes
Revealing the remarkable in seemly ordinary people

Portrait painted by Graham Smith 2020.
Text compiled by Jan Smith from notes provided with the nomination in 2020.


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