Jeanette Robb

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Jeanette Robb.

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Unsung Heroes

Revealing the Remarkable in Seemingly Ordinary People

Jeanette Robb

Jeanette Robb was born in Crystal Brook in South Australia and spent her early years there, attending the local Primary school and Port Pirie High School after which her parents packed up and and moved their family to Western Australia.

Living in Kendenup in the state's south, Jeanette sat for her Junior Certificate at Mt Barker, a Junior High School at the time, so she had to board in Albany to complete her high school studies.

With the ambition to become a teacher as she always wanted, she spent the next two years at Graylands Teachers College, graduating as a Primary School Teacher. Her first posting was to Narrogin, then having to transfer to Katanning, she went from there to spend twelve months in Mt Barker where her parents then lived. At the conclusion of her three years teaching as a "bonded" teacher, she married Alan Robb and settled into married life back in Narrogin. Married women weren't employable in the Education Department in the early 60's and as a result of this ruling, Jeanette joined Foy and Gibson's Narrogin as a cashier. When their two children were of school age she was asked if she would like to go back to teaching and her first appointment was to Narrogin Primary. Some years later, after her long service leave, Jeanette transferred to East Narrogin Primary until in 1996, the "writing on the wall," she retired.

While her children were growing up Jeanette was involved with their sport, including coaching junior hockey and all the fund raising involved..

After retirement, she was invited to become a voluntary Activity Leader at Karinya Hostel (as it was in the 1960's.) In that position she joined the board of management for the Cottage Homes and served as a representative for 20 years. In 2006, Jeanette was presented with the Narrogin Active Citizen of the year award.
Other involvement with Karinya was to become a member of "Friends of Karinya" to fund raise through Open Day, garage sales and raffles. As a "friend" she did shopping for residents, sewing and sometimes mending, making heat packs and shopping bags and filling in with activities when required. Her most recent contribution is to play piano for the sing-along each week.

Jeanette's volunteering assistance since retirement has involved working at the Hospital shop, Meals on Wheels delivery and compiling staff rosters at the local museum as an Art Group member. She currently helps out at the local Visitors Centre on the weekends, has been involved with the Local show over a long period as an exhibitor and steward and in more recent years, as a judge. She has also judged at Woolarama, Albany Show and until last year, the Katanning Show. Jeanette gives as her hobbies gardening, sewing, embroidery and knitting.

Unsung Heroes
Revealing the remarkable in seemly ordinary people

Portrait painted by Graham Smith 2020.
Text compiled by Jan Smith from notes provided with the nomination in 2020.


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