Bernadette Garnier

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Bernadette Garnier.

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Unsung Heroes

Revealing the Remarkable in Seemingly Ordinary People

Bernadette Garnier

Clinical Nurse Manager from Aboriginal Health Bernadette (Bernie) Garnier has become a conduit to support and connection for many people within our community. She particularly, is a wealth of knowledge for Aboriginal families and is a "go to" person for anyone trying to support our most vulnerable members. This knowledge and connection to people is helping keep our First Nations people strong, preserving with them, their culture.

Together with Malcolm Jetta, Bernie has put her heart and soul into establishing Moorditj Youth Foundation Aboriginal Corporation, with very minor government support.
She is driving change for young Aboriginal people, establishing Nurtured Youth Enterprises, an organisation which advocates for and supports young people. While also caring for elders, she will go over and above to fill gaps in our community to give people hope and the best chance of a good life.

Soon after beginning work as a registered nurse at Narrogin Regional Hospital, it became obvious that Bernie had a real affinity with people. A nurse in the true sense of the word, she is empathetic, a great mentor and is selfless and untiring. She will give anyone who needs it, the shirt off her back if she thinks they could use it more than she does. She is known for her warmth and smile and is frequently heard humming as she goes about her day. Colleagues say she always goes above and beyond, taking the job that one step further to make sure it is done 110%.

Mother of three, two daughters and a son, all of whom are adults and making good lives for themselves, Bernie also helps care for her parents who live locally. She grew up with them keeping an open door to anyone needing help and she in turn, will do anything for anyone who calls on her for support. No one who comes to Bernie's door is ever turned away.

Bernie is a practical person. Not in the slightest materially minded, she loves and appreciates her home and outside of her work, she enjoys the simple pleasures of camping with people she loves

Bernie's passion is people and her door is always open; she is a credit to the town of Narrogin and an asset to the Wheatbelt for her undying commitment to our community.

Unsung Heroes
Revealing the remarkable in seemly ordinary people

Portrait painted by Graham Smith 2020.
Text compiled by Jan Smith from notes provided with the nomination in 2020.


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