Animal and Bird Series

Graham Smith

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In Chronological Order
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Spacer Lily. Spacer Spacer Red Capped Robin. Spacer Spacer Blue Breasted Fairy Wren. Spacer Spacer Bob's Dog - Preston. Spacer Bob's Dog - Zac Spacer White Pointer Shark. Spacer Spacer Whose Next? - Mt Isa Rodeo. Spacer Spacer Round The Bend - El Cabalo Rodeo. Spacer Linda's Young Kookaburra Spacer Rough Ride - Mt Isa Rodeo. Spacer Spacer Rough Ride - Mt Isa Rodeo. Spacer Spacer Send In The Clowns - Mt Isa Rodeo. Spacer Spacer The Boys - Toby and Napoleon. Spacer The Boss - Buck Kangaroo at Koojedda Spacer The Crocodile Hunter - An Aussie Larrikin - The Late Steve Irwin. Spacer Spacer Holly - Koojedda Picnic Spacer Spacer Young Alpaca - Bullsbrook Spacer Young Kookaburra - Yanchep Yanchep Kookaburras The Shearer - Bill Wallace All Ears - Kangaroo at Wongamine. Checking The Fire Are You Lookin At Me? - Emu at Wongamine. Tyeesha The Aloof - at Wongamine. The Young Jedda - at Wongamine.

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